Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We ♥ Chillies!

Spring has sprung in Johannesburg and we are getting our hands dirty in the garden. We’ve planted seeds and seedlings in every open patch of soil and pot we could find – basil, rocket (our own seeds from last season!), coriander, egg plant, red onions, baby marrow, tomatoes, lettuce and more. We just can’t wait to cook from our spring garden! But for now we have to be patient…

Last year we had a very successful chilli crop (we planted African Bird’s Eye Chilli) – it worked so well (and tasted so good!) we’re going to plant them again this year.

From seeds to beautiful plump fruits! 

Some Chilli tips:

-          Chillies freeze exceptionally well. Pick them when ripe, pop them in a container and leave in the freezer until needed. Slice them from frozen; this helps them keep their shape.
-          Dry your chillies in the sun. You can then use them whole, crushed or powdered. Store in an air tight container once dried.
-          When working with fresh chillies, rub some oil over your hands – this helps lessen the burn to your skin.
-          Remember to wash your hands after chopping chillies!
-          Remove the seeds if you want the chilli flavour with less heat.
- Chop some chillies roughly and drop in a bolltle olive oil – after a week you’ll have delicious olive oil with a slight chilli flavour.


  1. Thanks for the awesome blog. I also love chillies.
    Did you know:
    Chilli is an analgesic used to lessen pain.
    Some believe that chillies actually elevate the taste and flavour of other ingredients, thus making the entire dish tastier.
    The most amazing effect of chillies on our body, however, is that it has been found to release endorphins in the brain. Thus eating chillies can elevate our mood and recharge our spirit. No wonder, those like me who love chillies are addicted to them.

  2. Thanks for the all the fab chilli facts WW! Just makes us love them even more! :)