Thursday, September 5, 2013

The ‘Homemade Dog Food’ Project

Since I can remember we’ve had dogs as pets. Wire-haired Terriers, Airdales, Rottweilers, Mini Doberman Pinchers and now the husband and I have a cheeky little Boston Terrier called Rocket.

Rocket will be three years old in December :)

With so many dodgy (and not to mention expensive!) dog foods out there, I’ve started considering home-made dog meals. Rocket has always loved apples and peppers, and also eats pilchards with vigor, so I think she’s the perfect guinea pig for my new project.

This poster is a great start as a guideline for snacking:
Via here

I’ll be doing some research and experimenting, so watch this space. For now, these sites look like fabulous resources for healthy dog food:

Don’t you think your dog would love getting a meal like this?


  1. Homemade food is definitely the way to go. Commercial food is potentially hazardous to your dog's health. My dog, Jake, suffered from severe allergies and was constantly scratching. He was miserable and I was constantly searching for solutions. I came across and completely changed Jake's diet. I knew what was going into his food so I was confidant I could solve his food allergies. After a couple of weeks on homemade food, Jake was no longer scratching constantly and his coat looked healthy and shiny. I always recommend homemade food to every dog owner I come across.

    1. That's fantastic James! I agree, some of the store-bought food contains some horrible toxins. Thanks for the link ;)

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