Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pomegranate Ruby Vodka Sips

It’s a scorcher in Joburg today, and with the end of January creeping closer, we think these are just the perfect cool-me-down & pick-me-uppers!

Pomegranate Ruby Vodka Sips

You will need:
Good quality Vodka, stored in the freezer for at least an hour
Pomegranate rubies
Crushed ice

How to:
Layer the ice and Pomegranate rubies in small glasses of your choice.
Top with ice cold Vodka.
Sip and enjoy!

-          Use flavoured Vodka like Vanilla or Berry.
-          The colder the Vodka the better.
-          Add a dash of rose water and sugar syrup for a Turkish delight flavour.
-          Vodka is meant to be sipped, and not downed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Prawn Shak

Happy New Year to all our readers and fellow LekkerBekke!

We are back after a relaxing holiday on the coast – days filled with gin & tonics, afternoon naps, long walks on the beach and hours around the dinner table with family and great food.

We didn’t do much dining out during our vacation, but one restaurant I just had to write about is the Parwn Shak. 110km North of Durban, this rustic restaurant sits on top of a dune close to Amatikulu beach - really in the middle of nowhere! After travelling on a dirt road for a few kilometers we arrived at The Shak, an open plan, open air, fuss free venue. The vibe is super relaxed and people were either enjoying welcome drinks on the deck overlooking the ocean, or sipping away on the bar swings with their feet in the sand.

The motto for the restaurant is ‘long lazy lunches’ – and you really do spend at least 4 hours there! The menu is served up buffet style during the course of the day, starting off with caprese salad and bruchettas topped with different pestos, moving on to prawn bisque (my absolute favourite!), then fresh grilled prawns served with a prawn curry bunny chow, followed grilled salty brisket (unexpectedly delicious), then fresh grilled fish, thinly sliced rare fillet, more prawns and caramelised baked Camembert to top it all off.

The food and drinks are served in tin cups and plates, Black Label beer comes in quarts and you sit on plastic chairs - all adding to the rustic and relaxed atmosphere. During our almost 6 hour long lunch we strolled to the beach, had some drinks at the bar downstairs and slowly ate our way through the menu.

The food in general is delicious and plentiful (you can snack on practically all the dishes the whole day long), and there are prawn-free as well as vegetarian options. At R170.00 per person it’s well worth the drive!

PS If you are really brave (and not squeamish) try one of their infamous Prawn Tequilas… complete with a live shrimp that literally jumps down your throat (well mine did anyway J).

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