Monday, May 26, 2014

Mexican Winter Salad

During the colder months we don’t really feel like eating big cold salads, but still crave something fresh. This winter salad is packed with Mexican flavours and is filling enough to serve as a main.

Mexican Winter Salad
Serves 4


For the chilli & garlic oil
1 Tbls chopped garlic
2 Tbls chopped green chillies (remove seeds if you don’t want it hot)
¼ cup olive oil

For the sour cream dressing
1 tub (250ml) sour cream (room temperature)
½ cup spring onions (green only), finely sliced
Salt & Black pepper

For the salad
1 can corn kernels
1 can red kidney beans
220g rainbow slaw (a mix of grated and julienned purple cabbage, carrots, beetroot, celery and lettuce) you can buy it ready made from Woolworths
1 cup grated mature cheddar
½ cup coriander leaves

Grilled chicken fillets or beef strips for serving.

How to make it

For the chilli & garlic oil
Combine the chillies, garlic and olive oil. Season well with salt. Set aside.

For the sour cream dressing
Beat the sour cream until it becomes very soft and a little bit runny (if it’s too stiff, add some milk.)
Fold in the sliced spring onion and season well with salt and black pepper.
Set aside.

For the salad
Drain the corn and beans.
In a big salad bowl or serving platter, gently toss all the salad ingredients together.

Just before serving, grill the chicken fillets or beef and serve all the elements separately so that people can build their own salads.


-          Serve it with some more chopped fresh chillies if you like it spicier.
-          For a skinnier version, omit the cheese and substitute the sour cream with yogurt.

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