Monday, December 9, 2013

South African Cucumber Sarmie

Serve these tasty South African inspired sandwiches at your next tea party or picnic 
– they are simple to make and super tasty.

South African Cucumber Sarmie
Serves 10 -12

You will need
1 loaf Albany Rooibos & Rye Brown Bread
1 large cucumber
1 tub sweet chilli cream cheese
Red chillies or red pepper for garnish, cubed

How to make it
Thinly slice the cucumber.
Smear one side of each bread slice with sweet chilli cream cheese.
Layer sliced cucumber on the cream cheese.
Top with another slice of cream cheese bread.
Slice the crusts off the bread (optional).
Slice the sandwiches into triangles.
Garnish with fresh red chillies or red pepper.

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