Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cube Tasting Kitchen – Celebrating Wirie's 60th

September is celebration month in our house. Birthdays for me, my husband, my best friend, 
my gran and my mom.

This year Wirie turned 60 (hip hip hooray!) and we were treated to the most fabulous dinner 
at Cube Tasting Kitchen. I blogged about this special little restaurant two years ago (here), 
and am thrilled to report that they have kept up the quality and inspired food.

Admittedly my parents are difficult to please when it comes to dining out...
They both owned their own restaurants and they eat exceptionally well at home, so it’s 
not often one sees them impressed by restaurant food, but Cube certainly delighted them!

Spoil yourself, take a few hours and enjoy a 10 (or more!) course meal that you will never forget.

The menu (Wirie's nick-name is 'Mie')

The birthday girl.

The family & Dario explaining the menu (and a 31 year old wine)

The food. 

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