Friday, October 11, 2013

International Egg Day – Open fire Frittata Recipe

This is the perfect eggy recipe for a group of friends, over an open fire, preferably in the bush :)

Open fire Frittata
Serves 6-8

You will need
A fire going on the side and coals separate from the fire to cook over.
A nice big flat fire resistant pan and serious gloves.

Small onions, about 1 per person
1 packet bacon, diced
1 punnet portabellini mushrooms, broken in quarters
1 packet mini cheese grillers
1 packet mini beef or pork sausages
1 chilli, optional
12 eggs
Cream or water
1 packet baby tomatoes
1 wedge mozzarella - diced
Fresh herbs like rocket and basil
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil and butter

How to make it
Place pan on a griddle over hot coals spreading the coals evenly to warm the pan.
Add dash of oil and knob of butter.
Fry the bacon, sausages, onions and chilli.
Add mushrooms and fry some more.
Beat eggs with cream or water, salt and pepper.
When the sausages and bacon are almost done – scrape them to the side of the pan.
Add the egg mixture to the middle of the pan –– it must just cook not burn. TIP: Constantly tend to your coals, making sure the heat is even and not too hot.
Add diced mozzarella and baby tomatoes, and cook until the cheese is melted and eggs set – do not stir.
Top with a handful of rocket and/or basil, season well with salt & freshly cracked black pepper and serve in the pan.

You can toast English muffins on the side over the fire or bake pot bread.

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