Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Consol Solar Jar

I noticed these jars in November last year and have been dying to try one out…

What a brilliant concept! You leave the jar outside (it doesn’t even have to be in direct sunlight), flip the clip to activate the LED lights and voila – light in a jar for 6 hours (with a nifty handle to carry it around or hang it strategically). We can just imagine a dinner party under the trees with the Solar Jars hanging from the branches like fireflies… Or perhaps as décor for the upcoming wedding party J

Designed and developed by Consol’s Ockert van Heerden and John Bexley, this product has been winning awards and getting the thumbs up from practically everyone that has used it. Besides the prettifying-for-parties and back-up light functionality, this type of product could become revolutionary on a continent blessed with plenty of sunlight and let down by terrible infrastructure.

The only thing that I would change: The colour of the light… If Consol could come up with warm yellow LED lights I’d buy a dozen.

You can get yourself one from Consol for R120.00.

Perfect way to light up the bar area for those sundowners!

Fab idea by ELLE!

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