Monday, August 1, 2011

DW eleven-13 Restaurant mini Review

DW eleven-13 Restaurant is one of only two restaurants in Gauteng (and the only one in Joburg) to have made it onto the Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants list – so needless to say, we have been dying to go! Last week we joined a group of friends there for dinner, and this is what I think…

Had DW eleven-13 not been on the Top 10 list I would have thought it a superb restaurant – but with the Top 10 label comes a lot of expectations – especially if you have dined at the fellow Gauteng winner, Roots. Don’t get me wrong, DW is still a great restaurant, but do I think it’s Top 10 standard… It’s debatable.

Ambiance: Pretty interior, great vibe – but view of the parking lot is unappealing.
Service: Very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Food: Fantastic bistro fair with a few special touches in between (like liver amuse-bouche, artisan breads and truffles on the house). The starters are pricy, but the mains are average ‘expensive-Joburg-restaurant’ prices. Everyone seemed to enjoy their mains, but be warned the food is rich – so opt for a side salad of Rocket to cut some of the fat, especially on the Rib Eye! The chocolate tasting and cheese platter desserts were delicious.

Would we go back? Sure. I’d love to see what chef Marthinus Ferreira presents as a summer menu, and I would love to try the tasting menu. There are a few restaurants on par with this one in Joburg – like the Green Peppercorn in Morningside, so I’m just wondering if DW will make it to  the Top 10 again next year…

Visit the DW website here.

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