Monday, July 18, 2011

Jamie Oliver's La Trattoria menu - drool worthy!

You know that your friends know you well when they start bringing you menus from fab restaurants abroad – either to make you jealous or to inspire you J Hannes and Melissa were in London recently and brought back a copy of Jamie Oliver’s La Trattoria menu. I just love the look of it, not to mention the actual dishes! In true Jamie style the offerings are simple with a focus on great fresh produce, nothing too fancy and sans the pretentious descriptors. If I could pick something off the menu today it would have to be the Risotto of English strawberries with basil, parmesan and Belazu balsamic – sounds delish!

Thanks for the thoughtful token – I think you guys may have inspired a new collecting hobby, and if I can’t ‘take away’ a copy of all the menus that we sample I’ll be sure to take photos of them J

PS The fiancé and I were so inspired this weekend that we baked our own Focaccia style breads – SO DELICIOUS! Will definitely be doing it again!

Read more about La Trattoria here.

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