Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Winter in South Africa is a highlight on the culinary calendar because of one thing: Biltong and Venison. Hunting trips are common during the colder months, and along with them loads of venison (often MANY kilograms of it) and inevitably Biltong {dried cured meat}.

The youngest member of the family, Arné, brought back an Impala from a Bow and Arrow hunting trip, and true to LekkerBek style the cooking (and curing) commenced. We were treated to a massive Leg of Impala that Wirie baked for a couple of hours – just delicious!

Most of the meat was turned into Biltong and Dry Wors – quite different to the Beef variety as it contains much less fat and also has a ‘wilder’ flavour.

If you have leftover biltong, this recipe is a great way to make a tasty paté.

Biltong Paté


120g very dry Biltong, chopped very finely
250g Button Mushrooms, sliced
60g Mayonnaise
50g plain Cream Cheese
¼ Medium Onion, Chopped
Salt and Pepper

How to make it

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until well mixed and as smooth as you like it.

Serve with bread or Melba toast and beer.

  • If your biltong isn’t very salty or spiced, add salt and pepper to taste once the ingredients have been blitzed.
  • Experiment with flavoured cream cheese (like biltong flavour) for different variations.

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