Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WA! Beer

An exciting project has been brewing (literally!) over the past few weeks. My brother and fiancé found themselves a home brewing kit to make their own beer… Sure, this is something that most males have fantasised about doing (as beer drinking is a national sport in South Africa), but very few of them get around to actually doing it. But these two did!

To our utter delight (and might I add surprise) they served up the first batch this past weekend – and it was delicious! Admittedly I expected it to taste ‘funny’, but truthfully it really tasted like beer!

They have aptly named it WA! Beer (The W for Wiets and the A for Arne) J, and they number each and every bottle individually, never to be repeated. The next step is to design a label for our new family beer – so watch this space!

The finished product – yum!

It’s all very scientific!

Just finished bottling the first batch.

The individually numbered caps.

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