Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anthony Bourdain: Andanté is a fan!

Image by Brendan Corr

I recently bought three Anthony Bourdain books during a second-hand bookstore shopping spree, and having finished Kitchen Confidential, and half way through The Nasty Bits I can officially say that I’m a fan. His writing (and hosting) is honest, gritty and descriptive – all about food and the culinary world, with no holding back!

He has my dream job: Travel. Eat. Talk. And he does it well, really well. I came across this Forbes article about him and thought I’d introduce this charismatic Chef/TV Host/Writer to my fellow LekkerBekke if you’re not already a fan Click here to read more about him.

Image by Melanie Dunea for her My Last Supper book.

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