Friday, March 20, 2015

Lemony Salsa Verde Scrambled Eggs

Zesty and delicious, add a lemony green twist to your scrambled eggs this weekend.

Lemony Salsa Verde Scrambled Eggs
Serves 6 - 8

For the Salsa Verde:
30g Italian parsley, rinsed
Rind & juice of one medium lemon
2 green Serrano chillies, roughly chopped (optional)
1T capers
3 Anchovy fillets
2 T Olive oil
1t garlic, chopped
Salt & pepper to taste

For the scrambled eggs:
12 – 18 ALZU Free Range Eggs
½ cup fresh cream
Salt & pepper
1 Tbls butter

Salsa Verde:
Combine all the Salsa Verde ingredients (except salt & pepper) together in a chopper or blender and process until smooth but still chunky. Once you are happy with the consistency, season with salt & pepper.

TIP: Salsa Verde can be stored in a glass container for up to a week in the refrigerator.

Scrambled eggs:
Whisk together the ALZU eggs and cream until frothy, season with salt & pepper.
Melt the butter in a heavy based pan, add the eggs and cook over a low heat stirring constantly with a whisk.
Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, serve immediately with a dollop of Salsa Verde on each portion.

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