Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pomegranate Ruby Vodka Sips

It’s a scorcher in Joburg today, and with the end of January creeping closer, we think these are just the perfect cool-me-down & pick-me-uppers!

Pomegranate Ruby Vodka Sips

You will need:
Good quality Vodka, stored in the freezer for at least an hour
Pomegranate rubies
Crushed ice

How to:
Layer the ice and Pomegranate rubies in small glasses of your choice.
Top with ice cold Vodka.
Sip and enjoy!

-          Use flavoured Vodka like Vanilla or Berry.
-          The colder the Vodka the better.
-          Add a dash of rose water and sugar syrup for a Turkish delight flavour.
-          Vodka is meant to be sipped, and not downed.

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