Friday, July 6, 2012

Food highlights from around the world

The new husband and I recently returned from an epic 6 week honeymoon around the world (read more about it here). We circumnavigated the globe, visiting 9 countries and 14 cities – what an awesome experience, and what a way to start our lives together! 

The thing that we get asked most often is what our favourite meal was, and it really is impossible to choose just one. The food was so varied that you can’t compare one dish to another – from meat and beer in Prague, to pickled fish in Helsinki, to donkey meat in China, to oversized everything in America… With some difficulty I’ve made a summary of some of our most memorable meals, dishes that stood out and epitomised the cuisine in that specific city:

Enormous platters of meat, cabbage and gravy with 
steamed dumplings to mop up the sauces.
Gourmet street food – grilled Salmon, crispy deep-fried 

Vendace, potato rounds and dill mayo.

After visiting the local market we had a picnic feast of dried fish, 
black bread, smoked cheese, pickled veggies and wild garlic.
Caviar on biscuits and 

ice cold Vodka – neat!

The BEST Peking Duck we’ve ever tasted! 
Carved at the table and served with all the trimmings.
A spread of Sichuan dishes, from Lotus Roots 

to Bull Frog  - spicy and flavoursome, the 
peppercorns have a numbing effect on your mouth!

Dumplings with every imaginable filling! 
We especially loved the xiaolong bao.

The Farmer’s Market serves up some of the freshest most 
inspired food in LA – these ribs were made by a ‘pit master’ 
using home-made bbq spices.

In true over-the-top Vegas style, this seafood buffet 
served up an endless supply of oysters, crab, sushi, prawns and much much more.

Fresh seared tuna and 
seaweed salad on the beach.

Super thin crust pizza on 
the side walk.

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