Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Indian Cooking Classes at Karma

As LekkeBekke we are always on the lookout for a fun foodie experience, and cooking classes are a blast!

We attended an Indian Cooking workshop at Karma recently, and to be honest, if we hadn’t gotten the booking on a special, the R400.00 fee they usually charge would have been too much.

The class starts off with quite an formative introduction to Indian spices and the general concept of Indian cooking. Each couple is given a prep station with two recipes and all the ingredients needed for them. The first problem is that the classes are extremely full so unless you ask for help all the time you’re not given much guidance - I didn’t think chopping my own onions and following a recipe print-out was teaching me much about cooking…

The other problem is that each couple is given a main and a side dish to prepare, so you go in there thinking that you are going to learn to cook a couple of Indian dishes but really you don’t (they do give you all the recipes at the end of the evening, but I can get those form a book or the internet too…)

In the end, the entire class sits down to taste all the different dishes that were prepared that evening – really great idea, but I suggest that the organisers dish up for everyone as we didn’t get to taste some of the dishes that were made.

This class is ideal for a team building exercise and a fun evening out, but if you really want to learn new recipes and more about Indian cooking, this is not the class for you. 

For more information on the classes click here.

Cooking with friends!

Our Butter Chicken cooking away.

The hot cooking station.

Our Coriander and Yogurt Dip.

Prep station.

Folding Chilli Chocolate Samoosas.

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