Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chillies for all Seasons

We have a beautiful crop of Birds Eye Chillies (we grew them from seeds J) that are bright red, plump and ready to be used. But unless we host a chilli themed dinner party for 50 we won’t be able to use all the fresh fruits… So we’ve decide to Sun Dry them. This works really well to preserve the punchy flavour and allows you to use your home grown chillies all year round!

Our chilies basking in the Autumn sun. 

Some other ways to preserve chillies:
-          Freezing (use them straight from the freezer)
-          Pickling
-          Flavoured Olive Oil (Drop a few chillies and spices of your choice into a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and allow to infuse)
-          Or harvest the seeds and grow another crop next season!

With winter around the corner, there is nothing better than a spicy meal to warm you up!

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